Thursday, 22 April 2010

J-Lo is gonna wish she was from this block...

The programs within the block have been finalised. My next step is to create collage/ drawings of how the space is used by the programs.
  • The new block extends from Berwick Street's side all the way to Poland Street (where an amazing BBQ Ribs place is : Bodeans).
  • The Block can be accessed from Berwick and Noel Street. The entrance to the 'square' is more welcoming on Noel Street's side. The entrance from Berwick Street is narrow and is shared with the Gentleman's Club/ Pub.
  • The Gentlman's club entrance is only most noticible when pedestrians are walking towards Soho.
  • Berwick Street has the path to access the programs on the floors above ground.
(the diagram above needs to be updated, things were changed when creating the rhino version of the plan)
Ground Floor> Cafe, restaurant, Fashion boutiques, small grass area, XXX shop,
Gentlemen's Club, Bookstore.
1st Floor> Office, Loungs/ Nightclub.
2nd Floor> ...nothing...
3rd Floor> Residential flats (entrance), playground for kids, Market stalls,
Kindergarten school (entrance).
4th Floor> Kindergarten School.
Obviously the pavement and the streets are publicly accessible but there are some parts of the Block which are not for pedestrians/ tourists flowing from Oxford street. Some programs stop the continuity of the pavement. This is achieved by the change in surfaces from one space to another (will be shown in collages).

The Block has been put into the exhisting block. The buildings affecting the new Block were removed or changed in a way to achieve the sense of being 'outside' when inside the block.

(Orange buildings represent the exhisting buildings on the block.)

These are not necessarily final designs, please feel free to give me advise to improve my design.


sAAmo said...

Some of the diagrams have some lines missing... When the files were converted to .jpg the thin lines are too fsint.

Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Samo. Good to see some work. I am intrigued by the scheme- but I don't yet feel that any of the drawings or diagrams actually explain much about it in any great detail apart from its overall form: • What is the strategy/ story?
• How/ wahy are the programmes arranged as they are?
• What is the objective?
• What are the inherent spatial qualities you have developed?
• How do we know that they succeed? • What is the relevance of the project in relation to earlier dazzle pattern studies or pavement/ thresholds in Tokyo?
I think that the drawings, diagrams, views, models and representations need to start to engage at this level in order to communicate more readily the scheme and its properties. Thanks for posting- Best- J

sAAmo said...

Thanks Jonathan. I agree with you. I will need to develop some drawings that can evaluate these conditions. I think a diagram showing the movement of pedestrians through the block could illustrate why I have placed the programs that way. Now that I have arranged the spaces within the block I will start incorporating my tokyo precedents into the block.

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