Friday, 2 April 2010

analyse of the block

diagram from botton up

01-overall condition of the block

02-selected programs to show restaurants and adult shops
are occupying the outter layer of the block while designer
studios and residences are at the inner layer

03-facade ownership to show how much volume of each
program hidden back of the facade

04-programs which could directly or indirectly access to
the courtyard(i need to add on users and routes onto this diagram)

05-programs i want to link and want to be effected and avoid of.


Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Ruo- this is a real development! I think we are finally starting to see a specific set of criteria that you are concerned with: the concealing surfaces/ skins, the hidden volumes, the interaction or manipulation of connections between programmes... but I am now desperate to see how these issues inform your intervention- becoming more speculative through pattern/ deception/ routeing etc manifest in surfaces, patterns and forms. Hope to see these first iterations very soon! Thanks for posting- Jonathan

Jonathan Dawes said...

p.s. nice title..! J

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