Friday, 30 April 2010

Inbetween Surfaces

Here is a quick sketch for a 1/20 section. The idea is to show spatial relations between surfaces, when they start to get thick or appear as thick. Also I would like to zoom in (two circles on the right) some areas to show material qualities at a 1/5 or 1/2 scale (grain, joint, thickness). I'll try to have a computer drawing on tuesday.

1 comment:

Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Antoine- some comments:

• Sectional qualities look interesting- variation in thickness/ topographies- but can you describe why/ how- the adaptive qualities within the section?
• Could the sectional cut be cranked- i.e. to run from Gt Windmill over to Denman St, demonstrating the transition of the language between these two adjacencies?
• Could you then include the cross section of these streets also?
• However- this may be too much at 1:50- but could be an overview.
Keep it up- lets see progress next Tuesday- Best J

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