Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Maurice's World

In this initial study I have arranged the volumes that would be occupied by Maurice Saatchi within the building. A wireframe of the floorplates (2.8m high on avg) for the remainder of program can be seen against these volumes. All volumes occupied by Maurice are 4.2m high with the exception of where they conform to the heights that the façade stipulates.
My next step is to try and incorporate the geometry generated by my brick patterns as a mediator between these two worlds and then to cut sections to elaborate on how they relate to one another.


Jonathan Dawes said...

Manijeh- I am encouraged by the approach to volumes and spaces relative to users and organisation of internal space... However, could there be additional criteria or constraints regarding the segregation or interaction of different parties within (or outside) the building. Although scalar... the ceiling height issue seems a little arbitrary and singular.... Can there be more celebratory, congregational, shared or individual spaces or other criteria such as adjacency to specify spatial criteria? Your paper models allow a triangulated, folded, pocketed, interstitial condition that is not afforded by the current criteria you present. Maybe the proposal can go several steps further to distort and further speculate spatial opportunities and conditions of adjacency, scale and overlap- Thanks for posting- Jonathan

manijeh said...

I agree with what you are saying in that this is far too simplistic but I had difficulty deciding how to plan out his route through the space. now that I have this, I've modelled the surrounding space a bit further and cut some sections to use as a base to explore these interstitial spaces so hopefully I'll have some more developments to show you on Friday. thanks for the feedback - m

Jonathan Dawes said...

Ok- maybe the directionality and perspective of spaces have a role to play in Maurice's world- how he perceives and is perceived by others- can this be a way forward? Best- J

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