Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Street Diagram

Here is an idea of how to do a diagram of the streets of soho in relation to my research of ambiguity of surfaces.
Do you think it could work this way? I think that I could do that to all 5 streets and it will help me see some situation of overlaping/ambiguity/conflict.
All comments more then welcome!


Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Antoine- maybe you could limit the scope to only include conditions of a particular type- such as those relating to the obscure sex shops- to see the pattern emerge. The most important thing is that we need to be able to read the drawing at first glance to understand the relationships between ambiguity and programme. If there are too many codes or colours to have to think about then this may prove a little difficult. Also how do you measure the level of ambiguity? Is this something you can draw instead? I am very intrigued by the ambition of this drawing but it might take a couple of graphic tests to clarify its legibility before taking on the whole site- thanks for posting- Jonathan

Antoine Vaxelaire said...

Hi Jonathan.
I don't really want to only focuse on the sexshop because I think it would be intresting to see the evolution of pattern from one end of brewer (Regent) to the other (old compton). But I think you're right that there might be to many color/info.
I think i'll just do a test with one side of brewer street so we can discuss it on friday.
For the level of ambiguity, I think I could represent each category (low/moderate/high) with a typical drawing from example in brewer street. Would that be a good possibility?
Thanks for advices.

Jonathan Dawes said...

Sounds good- let's see a test- but I think it will be a very interesting drawing- Best- Jonathan

manijeh said...

I really like the idea of valuing the levels of ambiguity throughout the site - maybe instead of the colour coding it could be a graph running parallel to the street showing the different levels in relation to one another?

Jonathan Dawes said...

I would avoid graphs if you can- try using colours alongside abstracted versions of the physical constraints and qualities if you can- this will be more legible and clearly show emerging patterns and discrepancies.... I've said enough- J

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