Sunday, 22 November 2009

Berwick Street (Pt. 1)

The diagram below shows the activity pulses the programs create over the course of a day.

^ The areas each program covers throughout the street.

^ Diagrams showing the time zones of each of the programs.

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Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Samo- It's good to see how much information you have gathered about the site. I think there are two issues that seem to come across- relating to the formation of edges both programmatically and also temporally. I would try to always show this information in relation to the site- not separately on a graph, to make the best use of it- as it makes it difficult to read otherwise. Try to cluster the uses- which are currently too segregated (too many different types) to reveal a pattern- and also segregated between floors- currently if a pattern is there, the drawings are too far away from one another for us to notice it. Try it out graphically- test to reveal clusters, patches, blocks. Thanks for posting- Jonathan

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