Sunday, 22 November 2009

Brewer Street Analysis

This is the new version of my street territory analysis.
I've tried to add other crossed streets to the territory pattern, but it seems a little bit messy. So maybe it's still better to keep my original focus on brewer Street only.

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Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Chen- This is starting to look really good! Just wondering about a few small things- Could the composite views all be at the same scale- including the 24H overlay? Alternatively could there be a further drawing (A2) of the 24H overlay but with more information about the street- ownerships, pavement, depth, Regent vs. Wardour etc? Also the site plan should be the same scale and orientation as the other studies it is extracted from... minor detail- Keep it up and move on to the other scales if you can- Thanks for posting- Jonathan

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