Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Foil Catalogue

tree diagram showing the families of models and their relationship to one another - for the naming system, I tried to adapt the scientific nomenclature by allowing the names to go from the general to the specific.
matrix of effects: a mapping of primary effects (vertical axis) and secondary effects (horizontal axis)
with a list of model names at the end of each column.

Both pages still need some more work and I have some other evolutionary diagrams that I still have to layout but I wanted to get some feedback on what I have so far and whether this was in keeping with the 3rd brief.


Dagobert Bergmans said...

Thanks for posting your catalog, It is looking wonderfull. Your matrix of primairy and secondairy "effects" is een interesting approach to catalog your work. Where you are using the word effect you should use means/tool. I would suggest you create two axes: one of the means and the other with the effects. Some of the categories you are using, like focal (counter)depth you seem to mean true effects.
The foil taxonomy is (of course) still quite abstract; but because of that one can see a missing link between bandwidth-branch and the wounds-branch.
Good to see it comming together.

Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Manijeh- Great First Effort! I am very happy to see something very clearly stated that we can discuss...and...ahem... potentially reorganise- good to see a structure in place to work with. I agree with Dago- cause and effects should be the axes... 'Cause' is the surface/ pattern criteria, 'Effects' are the other. So bandwidth, patterns, grains etc. should be on the Cause axis and the rest on effects- then we are nearly there... Also can the photos be about specific moments within/ on/ inside the models- highlighting specific qualities in relation to surfaces... instead of objects. Just a thought. Keep it up! Jonathan

fumi said...

Hi Manijeh! Great to see the progress of your catalogue! I am assuming your "Foil Taxonomy" is a diagram about the evolution of your models. In this diagram, there is 'disrupted stripe hierarchy'. Could 'Hierarchy' be one of the effects in your matrix of effects?

manijeh said...

thanks for all the comments! - its been really insightful towards developing my catalogue. Ive just gotten back to london so will try to incorporate all your suggestions this evening. I really like the cause and effect approach to the matrix since I think it is more coherent that way.
I used the more object-like photos for the matrix to make them distinct at such a small scale. I will have other diagrams and images highlighting specific qualities of the surfaces on a separate sheet at a larger scale so that they can be properly understood - if that makes sense. thanks again for the advice! - m

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