Monday, 23 November 2009

Berwick Street (Pt. 2)

^ In the diagram above I tried creating these 'edges' or 'zones' created by the people during a certain situation. In the case above I tried highlighting the new 'boundaries' the crowd of people create at peak hours of the entertainment establishments (such as the XXX clubs and theatre). The diagram is also showing the area at the busy time> 11:00.

^ The programs of the street. Here we get an idea of the concentration of certain programs going on in the street.

^ Distorted street views of Berwick Street. The images on the left are a view from Brewer Street through Walkers Court (notice the bridge between the 2 builidings) and the images on the right are a view from the Market area.
^ A street view where instead of randomly colouring the program blocks I used the colours of the exhisting programs.

^ Here I tried showing the areas controlled by certain programs on the street. There are different areas depending on which level the establishments are on. 1st outline shows the area on ground floor, 2nd outline shows area on 1st floor etc.

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