Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Habitat- Urban Patterns

Here are some additional examples to help you with the representation of patterns and framing of your street conditions.

Upper Strip, Las Vegas- Venturi & Scott Brown from Learning from Las Vegas
Expansive zones of singular material that denote specific activities- particularly for Jin uk/ Royce

Beacon Hill, Boston- from The Image of the City- Kevin Lynch

mapping of mini-squares in Tokyo- PRODUCT TOKYO, RMIT

Comparative street section analysis

Rotterdam ... exploring different layers determining the urban landscape by Frits Palmboom

Extract from Made in Tokyo- Atelier Bow Wow

Square in Kalmar, Caruso St John- Unfolded elevations- for Kit

Diploma 7, UEL- street studies of gaps in city fabric in Genoa- for Manijeh

Unfolded elevations/ plan in Tokyo- Bo Tang, Unit E 2004-5- for Antoine/ Chen

Fumiko- Field Mapping Studies, Royal Festival Hall

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