Wednesday, 14 October 2009



fumi said...

Hi Samo! Wow, interesting patterns! I really like your graphic style!

•1st image
It's very simple and effective. It creates ambiguous depth and hierarchy of space. It would be interesting to see what kind of effects it will create by varying the line thickness / spacing.

•2nd&3rd image
I really like the subtle tone in background. It gives the patterns depth and 3-dimensionality.

•3rd image
It would be interesting to see another layer(tone) added to maximize the 3-dimensionality to the pattern!

•5th image
It's great to see all the effects combined in one drawing! Maybe you can explore another technique to combine these effects! (collage, overlaying...etc?)

Keep razzling & dazzling!

sAAmo said...

thank you :D yes i will have to ply around with the line weights, and collaging the existing patterns together is a great idea. i will try it out.

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