Saturday, 24 October 2009

foil - varying depth through folding

paper model - light and shadow indicating depth and height between disruptive folds

model in plan view overlaid with pattern converging at deepest points

model in perspective view indicating varied depth through tonal variation

elevation showing the structure of the fold and the changes in depth


Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Manijeh- I think the idea of radiating lines in the unfolded net is a fascinating one- as is the potential of counter-shading and/or contradicting the forms and inverted spaces. Keep pursuing this in physical models to test the effects- as I think this is the only way to evaluate your curiosity- thanks for posting- Jonathan

manijeh said...

Thanks for the feedback Jonathan both on the blog as well as in the tutorials. I've found it really helpful and have been working on folded models and patterns with and against the grain to heighten or diminish the feeling of depth between folds. will photograph the results and upload them later today.

Anonymous said...

hi can u please tell which software has been used for this prototyping?

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