Wednesday, 14 October 2009

2D Pattern Making - Disruption + Hierarchy

Hierarchy: Using tonal variation to study depth, negative and positive space

Disruption: removing associations with outline

Hierarchy - using different bandwidths to wrap around 3d forms in 2d space


Jonathan Dawes said...

I really like the varying bandwidths and variation in tone. It changes our perception of the figure and potentially inverts it- which could have interesting spatial opportunities. Can you combine qualities from 1 & 3? Thanks for posting- Jonathan

fumi said...

Hi Manijeh! It's nice to see 3 completely different type of drawings and they are all very effective! My eyes are going funny by staring at them! I would like to see more of them tried with different 3d forms and shapes.(i.e 2nd image with more complicated shapes? 3rd image with different 3d perspective or curvy forms?)

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