Thursday, 15 October 2009

Leopard Pattern Development

From top to bottom:

1. Regular moving trace of dots in shading.
Transformation of my interests in the pattern trace when leopard is running.

2. Pattern reform
Through the research of "How leopard get its dots", the dots are generated by diffusion-reaction system, they change (reform from dots to rosette) and grow.

3. Pattern defined shape
Pattern can somehow break the outline in order to camouflage the body. In this way, other shapes are been defined by these patterns as well.

4. Disruptive Pattern
Taking one principle of leopard dots' function, camouflage is been realised by the disruptive pattern system.

5. Ambiguous Perspective


fumi said...

Hi Chen! Very elegant patterns! I really like the idea of capturing movements.

•1st image
Maybe you can explore this pattern further by adding movement vertically as well to create dynamic movement effect.

•2nd image
I really like this pattern! Your explanation of pattern is very clear!

•4th & 5th image
I like your technique of overlaying! It creates depth to the patterns. I think you can explore this technique further to create interesting effects!

Keep up the good work!

Jonathan Dawes said...

I am very impressed by the progress since Tuesday and encouraged by the level of exploration. I particularly like the moire effect and it's continuing resemblance in principles with the originating leopard pattern. The notion of depth in image 5 is also very intriguing. Well done- keep going with it! Jonathan

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