Friday, 30 October 2009

Foil Pin up 30.10.09

Great progress in the foil studies- a huge range of different material studies and effects were fabricated and presented- Well done guys- keep it up!

Manijeh presenting latest folded paper models

Laser scored space with varying points of focus

Jinuk presents dazzle models

Reflections of sectional model

Jinuk- Dazzle tests

Antoine describes countershading family of models

Shifting points of perspective and hidden spaces

Staggered perspective/ illusions of depth

Countershading model

Kit's perforate disruptive shadow models

Samo's dazzle corners

Ruo presents folded aluminium lattice

Internal view of folded aluminium

Zamri- internal voids model

Chen's catalogue of material experiments showing perforations mapped over surfaces

Perforate solids detail

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