Thursday, 18 February 2010


begin with DIP 9 Iconic Fictions
Inter 12 Pop Vernacular

Inter 5 Dwarf Village

Tutors and guest jury Chris Lee, quite serious mood...
Looks so Lonely where is my family!!!
Unit 6 Camouflage, more serious face ^ ^
Inter 11 Latent Territories
After presentaion, Discussion of tutor and guest jury.
This talking was quite hot debate between inter 1 and inter 11.
It was constructive critics for us to develope further progress.
Also good oppurtunity to understand whar we are doing and to find where we are.
I hope we have small discussion about the comments from OPEN Jury to crystalise our new brief asap.
Thanks tutors and guest juries


Antoine Vaxelaire said...

Thanks man for posting these crits and discussion, which I also think we should continue tmr as a unit. And it was also a very good day to see where we are in relation to other unit from the school!

manijeh said...

great pictures and commentary jin! it was definitely a very insightful day..

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